My Personal Projects

A number of useful ArmA 3 scripting functions to help mission designers.
TypeScript 0 0
The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.
Python 0 0
Programmable Input Emulator
A Lua implementation for .NET built on the DLR (with CLR Interop support)
Toolkit for creating Metro styled WPF apps
Simple REST and HTTP API Client for .NET
Quick explanation of how to setup TrackIR for Star Citizen using vJoy and FreePIE (Obsolete as of Patch 13)
Yet Another XML Serialization Library for the .NET Framework
JavaScript 0 0 0
Advent of Code 2017
A curated list of delightful Node.js packages and resources.
Python 0 0
A quick way to push changes or run audits across a multitude of devices.
Code of Conduct for our community
A small demonstration CSV parser written in C
My personal curriculum vitae, presented as an interactive web application
JavaScript 0 0
A lightweight, extensible dependency injection container for JavaScript.
A tool to quickly organize image files according to a standardized naming scheme based on their EXIF metadata.
Python 0 0
Implementations of Python and Ruby programming languages for .NET Framework that are built on top of the Dynamic Language Runtime.
JavaScript 19 4 4
node-orm2 plugin to provide automatic timestamping support for models
Node.js bindings for CMUSphinx PocketSphinx
JavaScript 0 0
NodeJS SQL query builder
Raven is a C# client for Sentry (
JavaScript 0 0
Flux Standard Action utilities for Redux.
JavaScript 0 0
SendGrid Node.js helper library
TypeScript 0 1 1
This is a quick demo of using the SendGrid v3 API with TypeScript
Python 0 0
Sentry is cross-platform application monitoring, with a focus on error reporting.
A simple router implementation which leverages distance vector based routing.
JavaScript 0 0
Zero-downtime reloads and requests load balancer based on distribute.
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