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ASP.NET Lock Contention

If you're running a (large) API on ASP.NET (.NET Framework) there's a good chance that you're significantly throughput and concurrency limited. Part of this is no doubt due to the relative performance increases we've seen in ASP.NET Core over the years, but I'm here to show you a one line change you can make which (depending on your use case) might unlock a significant amount of additional performance headroom.

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Commenting in Reviews

As engineers, managers, friends, or family members we are often called upon to review the work of others. Reviews are a critical part of our professional social contract and give us the opportunity to build cohesion, socialize knowledge, improve clarity, and support the production of high quality artifacts.

How we comment in a review determines whether we are able to foster those positive outcomes, or end up in a confrontation over the validity of our distinct perspectives. In this blog post I'll talk about how you can approach reviews in a manner which is more likely to succeed in more situations.

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What is Site Reliability Engineering?

Site Reliability Engineering is an incredibly interesting field, one which has straddled the interesting line of both being relatively clearly defined and being hugely open to interpretation. For many familiar with it, the idea of SRE brings thoughts of SLI/SLO/SLAs, incident response, on-call, and an obsession with system architecture and failure modes. For others, the line between concepts like DevOps and SRE is hard to make out, and to add yet another perspective to the pile - it can simply mean "we want to hire an ops team, but nobody wants to work for us unless we call it something else".

Recently, Niall Murphy (one of the original authors of the (in)famous Google SRE Book) wrote a thought provoking piece about the future of SRE and the assumptions that underpin it. It does a great job of articulating some of the problems that have consistently worn a blister in my experience of SRE - especially when it comes to articulating what it is we do to leadership.

I'd like to present what Site Reliability Engineering means to me and a hypothesis for what SRE may be when we take a step back from some of the implementation details.

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