Git Tool

Simplify checking out your Git repositories in a structured directory space

Git Tool is a powerful tool for managing your Git repositories, storing them in a consistent folder structure and simplifying access when you need it. One of its biggest advantages is that you no longer need to think about where your development directory is on different devices. Just gt o my-repo and you're ready to start developing, even if the code wasn't already cloned.


  • Quickly open repositories whether they are already cloned locally or not, using your favourite Git services and a concise folder structure.
  • Launch applications within the context of your repositories quickly and consistently.
  • Weekly scratchpads to help organize random work and doodles with minimal effort.
  • Aliases to make opening your most common repositories as quick as possible.
  • Fast autocompletion on all platforms with support for "sequence search" (ssgt matches SierraSoftworks/git-tool) as found in Sublime and VSCode.


# Open the sierrasoftworks/git-tool repo in your default app (bash by default)
# This will clone the repo automatically if you don't have it yet.
gt o sierrasoftworks/git-tool

# Open the repo in VS Code (if listed in your config)
gt o code

# Create a new repository and instruct GitHub to create the repo as well, if you
# have permission to do so.
gt new

# Show info about the repository in your current directory
gt i

# Show information about a specific repository
gt i

# Open your shell in the current week's scratch directory
gt s


We've got a great getting started guideopen in new window waiting for you.