SierraSoftworks Iridium 337 19

A high performance MongoDB ORM for Node.js

SierraSoftworks Lithium 5 0

Lithium is a licensing protocol which provides the ability to provide time locked, floating and leased licensing both over the internet and through an intranet server.

SierraSoftworks multicast 3 0

A multicast channel library for Go with a simple API and familiar semantics

SierraSoftworks bash-cli 2 0

A command line framework built using nothing but Bash and compatible with anything

SierraSoftworks mocha-gitlablist 2 0

Provides a custom Mocha reporter compatible with GitLab-CI

SierraSoftworks Kong 2 0

A notification distributor designed to simplify passing of notifications between different services.

SierraSoftworks GuardHouse 2 1

A flexible JSON based access control system for Node.js

SierraSoftworks Concoction 1 0

A flexible preprocessing framework for Node.js

SierraSoftworks Isotope 1 1

Isotope is an integrated hardware USB HID emulation solution for devices with a UART - specifically a Raspberry Pi

SierraSoftworks Canal 1 0

A powerful route design helper for Express

SierraSoftworks Executor 1 0

A Go task runner designed to run scripts across a wide range of platforms

SierraSoftworks Express-DSN 1 1

Custom notification framework for Express

SierraSoftworks ansible-docker 1 0

A docker image for execution of Ansible playbooks

SierraSoftworks go-slack-invite 1 0

A small REST API allowing you to invite people to a specific Slack team

SierraSoftworks girder 1 0

Girder is an oppinionated Go web API toolkit

SierraSoftworks gatekeeper 1 0

Gate Keeper is a permissions management tool for Go applications

SierraSoftworks applock 0 0

A Maemo 5 application which will automatically lock the device when certain applications are launched

SierraSoftworks FrontierJS 0 0

A client library which allows easy integration of our Frontier authentication framework with JavaScript applications

SierraSoftworks feeling-lucky-csharp 0 0

A small C# library which will execute a random method on any type you provide it with

SierraSoftworks gulp-typedoc 0 0

Gulp plugin for the typedoc TypeScript documentation tool.

SierraSoftworks Infrared 0 0

A Go based server configuration management platform

SierraSoftworks inki 0 0

An agent which allows you to register new SSH keys on a host through a combination of PGP signing, an HTTP API and host-side checks.

SierraSoftworks Functionality 0 0

Easy to use function overloads for JavaScript

SierraSoftworks Iridium-Example 0 1

A small example project for Iridium, showcasing how one would start off

SierraSoftworks Iridium-Timestamps 0 0

A plugin for Iridium which automates the creation and updating of createdOn and modifiedOn timestamps.

SierraSoftworks DefinitelyTyped 0 0

The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.

SierraSoftworks chai-fuzzy 0 0

fuzzy matchers for chai, based on underscore

SierraSoftworks body-parser 0 0

Node.js body parsing middleware

SierraSoftworks blog 0 0

The Sierra Softworks blog website, generated using Hexo

SierraSoftworks docker-ghost 0 0

A docker-ized version of Ghost which makes it possible to more easily configure various Ghost variables for Docker deployments.

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